Online Backup

Provides Peace of Mind for Data Protection

Your data is constantly at risk from hardware failure, virus infection, theft, accidental or malicious deletion or ransomware attacks and it needs to be protected.   Our online backup service stores your data to secure data centres in the cloud.

Online Backup Protection

Our cloud-based Online Backup provides a secure and trusted way of backing up your important files, folders, documents and any other type of information that you need to backup and store.  It is simple to install monitor and protect your computers in a few minutes your data will be backed up and protected.

All companies need to protect themselves against data loss and downtime which can happen as a result of human error, hardware failure, software corruption, natural disasters, ransomware,… In IT circles we often say “it’s not a case of if a disaster happens, but when disaster will happen”.

Based on findings of the Aberdeen Group, downtime that lasts for one hour can cost small companies as much as £6,500. Mid-size companies will lose around £60,000 per hour and large enterprises over £563,000 for an hour of downtime*. Further research shows that 90% of companies losing data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years.

Statistics show that 65% of companies have no backup or recovery plan. Many companies today do not equate their data to being their business. Are you one of these companies?


Online Backup Service for businesses

Most companies would agree that some form of contingency plan is needed to ensure they do not lose precious data and suffer long periods of downtime. Contingency plans to deal with disasters and downtime come in all shapes and forms and you can expect to hear such terms as Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and the Cloud being used.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ransomware attacks. The University of Calgary demonstrated Canadian-style courtesy by being transparent about the attack and the ransom amount.

More often than not, however, these attacks go unreported because of reputation or additional security concerns.

When it’s your data, it’s obviously going to matter to you no matter what business you’re in. When lives are at stake, the risks of ransomware are even greater. The healthcare industry is particularly interested in keeping ransomware attacks at bay.


Local Backup vs Online Backup

Traditional file and folder backup consisted of backing up to tape or disk and then either replicating or storing data off-site.  This typically happened once a night.  This way of backup is a two step process local first then taken or copied offsite.  Our online backup copies your data every 8-hours directly to our cloud-based data centres.  Restores can be initiated directly from the cloud by simply selecting the backup icon on your Windows desktop, select the file and the revision you need and click restore.

Online Backup Solutions

Fortuna Data provides online backup to cover all of the following:

  • Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Desktop/Notebook File & Folder
  • Server – Physical/Virtual

Do you work in a regulated industry of any kind?
If the answer is yes, then you will need to ensure and demonstrate that your business can operate in all scenarios and that you have the best solution in place to ensure that downtime is reduced to a strict
minimum. The ability, not only to restore but also to vigorously test restoring from the Cloud, will be necessary in this case.

What are your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)?
Put simply, how quickly do you need to be back up and running following a disaster? If you have tight RTOs you need to ensure that you can run your business from the cloud and be operating in minutes following on from any disaster.

What are your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)?
Put simply, how much data can you afford to lose following a disaster? Ideally, your Cloud offering will allow you tailor your service levels and recovery options to the data in question: in some cases, restore via a hard drive may be sufficient but for your mission-critical data you need to be sure you can virtualise in the cloud easily and quickly.

Where is the data stored?
You may need to ensure that data is stored within a specified geographic region. Make sure that the data centre meets the minimum data centre requirements necessary for your business and that Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is being used when your data is being transferred to and from the cloud.

Online Backup Conclusion

Your company’s data is your most valuable asset. It’s not an overstatement to say that without your data, you have no business. Having a robust, tried and tested Disaster Recovery plan is an absolute must for companies of all sizes. Regular backups are the foundation stone of your DR plan.

You must understand, however, that these backups have no value if you cannot restore quickly and easily when you are hit by hardware failure, a Ransomware attack or any of the many waiting-to-happen disasters looming. Fully protecting your business involves getting copies of these backups offsite, and one great option is to replicate to a purpose-built Disaster Recovery Cloud allowing you to literally flip a switch and failover to a secondary network running in the cloud in just minutes.

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