Office 365 Backup

Microsoft Office Backup to the Cloud

Our Microsoft Office 365 backup provides continuous protection of your files and data in the cloud.  Our BaaS application provides a higher level of protection of your information than currently provided by Microsoft Office 365.  These are:

  • Protection against the most common causes of data loss, user errors
  • Recover data due to system errors
  • Data availability longer than the 30-days provided by Office 365
  • Protection from both internal and external threats
  • Restores happen quickly with minimum user intervention


Our BaaS Microsoft Office Backup Solution

Our Office 365 backup solution provides a flexible, affordable, easy-to-use solution for the protection, management and recovery of Office 365 data.  It is fully protected, encrypted AES-256 and accessible through a simple to use we-based interface.  Users can quickly recover their files, folders or an entire backup in its original format.

Office 365 Protection

We provide protection for:

  • Microsoft Exchange – All email activities and Exchange data going back as long as required
  • Calendars and contacts – Data saved from multiple revisions, edits or versions
  • OneDrive for Business – Everything you save into Office 365 is saved and available
  • SharePoint – Complete protection of all your SharePoint data
  • Public shared folders – Protects all data in the public shared folders across user defined time periods
  • Data Recovery – Recover data from virus infection and ransomware attacks

Features and Benefits

AccessibilityService is available through an internet-connected device
Protection of Backup DataData is protected by state-of-the-art compression, encryption in SAS 70-certified centres
Efficiency & ReliabilityUsers can restore a document, a folder, or all content without deleting or overwriting files
Fast RecoveryNeeded files or folders can be identified, restored and downloaded immediately
User TransparencyData additions or changes are identified automatically and backed up without user intervention
Ease of UseAll backup and recovery controls are menu-driven, intuitive, and complete
Best Use of ResourcesLower IT costs: no hardware overhead, no worries about updates
Flexibility & ScalabilityEasy to adjust to the changing demands of systems or users

Protection for Microsoft Office 365

Our Office 365 backup solution provides:

  • Data Protection – Accidental deletion, overwrites, sync issues, malicious deletes, and other problems
  • Data Recovery – Recover data from virus infection and ransomware attacks
  • Data Archiving – Archiving or transferring ownership of data rather than maintaining user subscriptions when employees leave
  • Data Access – Access data even when hosted services are down
  • eDiscovery – Supporting investigations and electronic discovery (e-Discovery) efforts
  • Regulatory compliance – Aiding in regulatory compliance by having archived data
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