File Backup Software

Server / Laptop / Desktop Protection

The file backup software we provide protects your desktop and notebook computers by continually backing up the files that matter.  Duplicate files, folders no longer in use, music downloads or family photos can be excluded from your backup routine. But backup options – whether image-based or file-and-folder – don’t differentiate between valuable data and irrelevant, unnecessary data.

Our software for File Backup with Backup Analyser, backs up data that is important to the business and ignores the rest.  This software accomplishes this with a web-based data analyser, features built-in intelligence that identifies what data on a given computer should be backed up and what should be excluded.

File Backup

How we protect data

The backup softwares key technology, the Backup Analyser, determines what data is important to the organisation. The Backup Analyser scans and analyses data without needing to interrupt users, and it doesn’t even require their computers to be on. It quickly separates the data into three categories:

  • what to protect
  • what to exclude
  • unaddressed

Administrators can view the unaddressed files, create rules for those file types, and immediately apply those rules to one computer or hundreds, all from the management portal. This software is particularly ideal for those computers that are remote and not regularly backed up to protected servers.

Should a folder or file disappear, users with an Internet connection can easily find and recover that item via Windows Explorer.

Features and Benefits

We want to ensure you are totally happy with the backup service we provide below should allay any worries you have.


Bandwidth Throttling

Prevent slowdowns in your day-to-day activity by throttling the bandwidth allotted to the backups.



Automated reports that can be customised, provide a valuable insight how your backups are performing.


File-watch Function

Be alerted if a file that is regularly edited or updated hasn’t been recently backed up.


Secure and Available

Rest assured that data is safe and accessible—data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format and resides in Tier III certified data centers.


Data Recovery

Easily find and download users lost files and folders as needed from the cloud.


Cloud-based Backup

Back up that valuable data to the cloud, even if files are in use or locked by the user, thus protecting frequently used and edited data


Version Retention

Store a custom number of revisions of backed up files so your clients can access older versions of their data (for efficient transfer, only changed data blocks are uploaded).


Data-importance Analyser

Use the Backup Analyser to automatically identify what data to protect and what to exclude, all without interrupting users or needing their computers to be on.

Protect, Restore and Manage your Data in one place

  • Gaining intelligence around the data the business is saving, automating and backing up the most important data
  • Using backup storage for data that’s important to the client organisation—and not for obsolete spreadsheets, 20 copies of the same document, or employees’ pet photos
  • Protecting the business data of employees who travel, work remotely, or sometimes neglect to connect to the office server
  • Allowing clients to find and access files and folders from the cloud, fast
  • Managing a file backup software for an organisation or multiple organisations remotely and from one dashboard

File Backup Software Pricing

Our BaaS subscription licensing model for File backup software is based on a per desktop or notebook.  Backup 100GB* per protected computer to the cloud.  If you interested in finding out how much our service costs, please call us on 0207 193 5760 or Send Mail

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