Cloud Backup Service

Securely backup data to the cloud 24x7x365

We provide a Cloud Backup Service offering an online backup of your computer systems to the cloud including Office 365, G Suite, Servers, Notebooks, Desktops with 24×7 access, fully secured and accessible.  Depending on the type of online backup service you choose i.e. for servers it operates 24×7 performing incremental backups of changed data every hour (or less). 

Cloud Backup Service

Cloud Backup Protection

  • Performing bare metal recovery after a server fails or a hypervisor succumbs to malware
  • Restoring to the same hardware after a system error causes a server crash
    Restoring to the same hypervisor after the hypervisor or server crashes
  • Migrating to new hardware or virtual environment
  • Taking continual incremental backups so the business never risks losing more than a few minutes of data
  • Restoring whole data volumes
  • Recovering specific files and folders
    Managing a backup and disaster recovery solution within a mixed IT environment
  • Testing new applications prior to introducing them into your production environment
  • Testing your business’s disaster recovery plan
Online Backup

Online Backup

Our Online Backup Service is designed to continually backup your critical data 7/24. We provide granular backup of your businesses Microsoft Office 365, G Suite by Google, Servers, Desktops and Notebooks.
Office 365 Backup

Office 365 Backup Protection

Provides full data protection of your Office 365 files, data and applications.
Server Backup

Server Backup

– Fully Protect Physical and Virtual Machines
– Local backup for instant restore
– Cloud backup to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure
– Continuous Data Protection
– Migrate from P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P

G Suite Backup

G Suite Backup Solution

Provides full data protection of your G Suite files, data and applications.
Notebook / Desktop Backup

Notebook/Desktop Backup

Protect your computers files, documents and folders with our file backup solution that continually backs up your information to the cloud.
Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection

What is Ransomware?  How can you protect your information?
cloud backup service

Cloud Backup pricing for Office 365 and G Suite

If your company has more than 2000+ users, you would like to take advantage of your own Microsoft Azure Blob storage or Amazon S3, please contact us on 0207 193 5760 or Send Mail.

Types of Cloud Backup Services we provide

Our business is ensuring we adequately protect your data 24x7x365.  Each application, server, notebook, desktop and service requires a different set of backup rules and criteria.  That is why our cloud backup service is designed to fit with you RTO/RPO, budget, backup requirements and data retention rules.

We provide complete data protection for all your Windows and Linux desktop/server applications and operating systems.  Backup shouldn’t be a chore and that is why our products continually monitor your data and back up to the cloud.

The type of cloud backup you need will depend on your IT environment and business requirements.  In order to cover all aspects of a cloud-based backup service we provide all of the following methods to backup your data:

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Our Office 365 backup backup solution protects all of the following 7×24:

  • Fully protects all your stored Office 365 documents
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Public shared folders
  • Calendars & Contacts
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business

G Suite

Our G Suite backup solution protects all of the following 7×24:

  • Fully protects all your stored G Suite documents
  • Gmail
  • Calendars & Contacts
  • Google Drive
  • Google Sites
  • Public shared folders

Server Backup

Our server backup solution protects all the servers within your IT infrastructure whether they are physical or virtual, by a number of different ways, one of them being a continuous backup that can granularly backup data every 15 minutes to your local storage, this can be a NAS, SAN or any other type of storage that the software can see and this is then automatically replicated to the cloud.


File Backup Software

Our file and folder backup software protects your documents and files that reside on desktop or notebook computers by backing up all the information to the cloud. Restores take seconds as well as retrieving and restoring old documents versions.  Both our file backup software and server backup software protect your computer systems against Malware attacks, allowing you to recover encrypted ransomware files in seconds.

Online Backup Solutions

Our online backup backs up data to the cloud in secure datacentres, whereby it is protected by firewalls and encrypted allowing only you to access your data.

We provide a host of backup solutions each designed to protect your valuable business assets “data”. As an example our online backup for Desktops/Notebooks allows you to specify the following:

  • Backup files on a computer, but not the whole system
  • Reduce storage costs by backing up mission-critical data
  • Allow versioning so you can recover based on a point in time that you choose
  • Automate backups and use pre-configured rules specific to your industry to make maintenance very eas
  • Manage 1,000’s of devices from a single easy-to-use file backup solution
  • Use online backup to store and restore files from the users desktop

Cloud Backup Advice

If you are unsure of your backup requirements, please call us on 0207 193 5760 / 01256 331614 or Email us and we will be able to provide pricing, software for evaluation and a complete peace of mind solution that protects your data 24x7x365.  If you would like to know more about other software and hardware products we provide please visit our Data Storage site.

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